A Global City Morning to You

It was early on a Sunday morning as I waited for my colleagues to gather in the lobby of our office building. In an hour’s time, the whole office will be off to Pico De Loro, Batangas for three whole days. I was feeling a tinge of bubbly excitement, the kind I used to feel before a field trip back in high school. These days, its a rare feeling. The few times is at take off, right when the airplane is about to leave the tarmac.

It was early therefore, a little walk around the vicinity felt like a nice idea. During the busy week when work is the priority, leisurely morning walks are rarities, if I even get the chance to take one. I took the advantage to really just observe that side of town at while walking at a slow pace.

The air was cool and crisp and the sun was climbing up the sky. Light began to peep between buildings and on to the streets where a car or two would pass by. There was a fun run event happening in the area bringing in runners and joggers passing by. The rhythm of the city beat was slow and calm, a stark contrast to the high strung hustle and bustle during the week.

I love cityscapes, and so I thoroughly enjoyed just studying how nicely designed the sidewalks are and how the Bonifacio Global City skyline was slowly getting populated with more buildings. I’m smack down in the middle of evident commercial progress. Its a wonder how this area can look and feel so progressive when right outside the border of BGC, its a different story. Oh Philippines.

I still remember how Bonifacio Global city looked when I was in grade school (a good 15 years ago…wow, I just realized..). It was a mix of marsh land and random houses.

After walking around a little more I checked the time and found that it was about 30 mins before our estimated time of departure. Back to the meeting spot I went.


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