McDonald’s Mornings

By Tiny Prancer

July 20, 2010

Category: Stories


I came to Fort Bonfiacio early as usual (people think I’m insane for being here at 7am when work actually “supposedly” starts at 9am). What can I say. I’m a morning person.

Although I said, I’d kick the habit, I went over and got a cup of  brewed coffee at McDonald’s (dear body, I’m sorry, I needed the caffeine this morning) and sat at my favorite spot outside. There I saw the usual morning suspects having their own 7am rituals –

…That same bunch of loud rowdy gays talking in maximum volume, ogling at hot (for them anyway…) male morning joggers who come around for their post jogging breakfast at McDonalds – yes, sweaty and all. “AAAAYYY! GRABE! PATIKIM NAMAN! (Ayyyy! Wow! Gimme a taste of that!). I love them. They crack me up.

…The people sitting around in front of McDonald’s who do nothing but stare out into space waiting for god knows what while playing music from their cellphones for all to hear. You get all sorts of genres playing in the background. Its a serious bad medley of songs. You have the emo-screamo types with their brooding expressions, super gelled hair and mainstream punk playing in the background. Then you have those playing Justin Bieber while staring out into space with the same brooding expression as the emo-screamo boys (I find this really odd). And of course, the ‘senti peeps’ playing Stephen Bishop or Roxette or those other heart break sentimental songs you hear at beer houses. There’s more but the mix is bad that its funny.

…Then you have the usual people in the neighborhood – the security guards, the ‘sanitary engineers’, the other call center people who are off from their grave yard shift, the sweaty joggers, and so on.

It all seems to mundane but no morning is ever the same.

This morning, while spinning my coffee and reading my personal notes, I heard the scream extra loud (AYY!!! MY GAAADD!! ) A man had just fainted in front of the gays. He fell face down and hit his forhead on the concrete. It cause a momentary ruckus. The security guard walked over with a clueless expressions (way to go. So much for first aid) while standing there obviously not knowing what to do. The McDonald’s staff seemed torn between helping or stopping operations (if this were the US, this branch would’ve been sued shortly after). Onlookers were gathering in usual Pinoy style – just there, watching and WAITING for something to happen.

I wanted to go over and help but thankfully, the gays, picked him up, poised and all, helped him onto a chair, started fanning him, and tried bringing him back to consciousness. They got him water and tried to get him to drink.

Poor thing. He was pale and his red shirt just made him seem paler.

After three mins, the guy opened his eyes. One moment he was unconscious then next thing you know, he was awake. He was really dazed when he woke up… I guess blacking out one moment and then waking up to all these people fussing over you and a crowd gathered around is…quite confusing. When he figured out what happened, he just said “thank you. I’m ok”, and walked off just like that. The crowd dispersed  and the gays looked at each other, shrugged, and left shortly after.

I finished my coffee and secretly laughed.

There was a morning when some random stranger asked me what I’m reading (I was reading Dale Carnegie one morning  when this older man asked me about my book.. bleh).

There was a morning when a little kid came up to me, smile, and ran away.

There was a morning when some really really dodgy man sat on the table beside me and started to stare. It freaked me out. And as usual, the oh so alert security guard just stood nearby, clueless as to what was going on.

There was a morning when someone from the table beside me squeezed her ketchup packet that sent the contents squirting into the air. It reached my laptop and my blouse. Good thing I was in black.

There are mornings when the air is cool and the wind makes me feel alive.

This morning, someone fainted. I wonder what the other mornings will bring.


2 Responses to “McDonald’s Mornings”


    Pat, I was reading this blog entry in between calls. I was about to laugh at “AYY!!! MY GAAADD!!” then I had to answer a call so I had a huge smile on my face instead.

    Random morning.

    “There was a morning when a little kid came up to me, smile, and ran away.”

    I remember when I was in SG. I was in Holland Village, at a food court, and there was this cute Eurasian little girl playing peek-a-boo with me. She’d look, I’d smile, she’d shriek in delight, look away, repeat all over. This happened before going to work. That adorable child somehow brightened my day.

  2. hahaha. So ALEXA, glad that made you laugh :P.

    Aww. Sounds like a cute happy kid. I like children’s laughs. Its so pure and heart-warming. When you get older, sometimes you wonder how genuine people’s smiles are….

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